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How does it happen? It is impossible to estimate the number of voyeuristic websites operated and propagated today. The visuals congenial to the ogling eyes are often copied and replicated across these multiple porn sites. So even if you are able to get one website to take down certain images that are defamatory in nature, there is a high possibility that other websites have already copied and posted them. Also the present colossal status of social media makes it virtually impossible for the authorities to wipe off the digital prints. The impact of this is more than shame and shock for the victim. The immediate effect is the social stigmatization and blame arising questions on their character.

Numerous websites have become a platform for a new form of online abuse that is bringing out the uglier side of relationships. Posting explicit pictures or videos of an ex-lover or spouse has become the new rage to let off steam and show hatred. The term is new not the form of harassment. Other menaces through which private confidential content becomes public are hacking, copyright infringement, child pornography and child grooming. The real number although could be much higher as many victims do not come forward due to fear or embarrassment.

Beaucoup cases which do come before courts like the famous case of Fatima Riswana vs. What to do in case you are victimized? The first priority for any victim is Nuse have the images or video removed from the public domain — permanently. Therefore requests must be made to the website s hosting the material. The websites where your explicit content is most likely to be found are subject to a number of laws and restrictions. Websites that offer to take down photos in return for payment are clearly in the business of extortion, which, once again, is already illegal.

The knowledge of cyber laws can be of great help here. Obtaining injunction from a court of law will prevent the images continuing to be published elsewhere. The step taken can be considered more of a prelude to the creation of a regular regulatory oversight.

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Nuxe with more than forty millions of such websites around the globe, most of them operating from where porn is legal and with free availability Nde proxy servers in our country, this move by the government may not be just enough. Governments across the globe have reacted aggressively to this cyber-crime. Many countries today have a national helpline along with a separate cell to deal with this as these matters require immediate restitution before the content goes viral. The competency of Indian IT Information Technology and other cyber laws has come into question recently due to the growing number of incidents that are being reported. As a matter of fact various civil and criminal law remedies are available under the Indian legal system.

Numerous aliases have become a girl for a new release of online abuse that is gaining out the broader side of relationships. Ivy from Kharkiv Age:.

Section 67 and 67A of the IT act prohibit the publication and distribution of obscene Nude india com sexually explicit material respectively, while 67B forbids all publication, distribution, facilitation and consumption in any cm of child pornography. Also the subject can Njde cases of defamation under section coj of IPC and section 66e and 67a under the IT act also provide legal remedies under which one can charge the accused. New laws and their effect Government has set up cyber forensic training and investigation labs in various states 9 for training of law enforcement and also for judiciary in 3 states. Cyber-crime cells have been set up in all states and Union territories for reporting and investigation of cyber-crimecases.

The IT act lays down an extensive set of laws and covers the crime extensively and deals with punishment comprising of imprisonment which may extend to 5 years and fine up to 2 lac rupees or with both in certain cases. When a victim files a complaint, cognizance is definitely taken. Charges depend on what kinds of pictures are shared and sentence can range from 1 to 3 years with bail, if convicted. Dakini Super Indian Art Model. Admin 5 years ago. Watch Nude indian model - 20 Pics at! Renaissance ushered in an uninhibited, though idealised, depiction of the body in Western art while traditional Indian art has celebrated the body as an object of.

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