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Jounin Hun Kicker Abigail: Naruto eyes widened as he thought his time using.

Right now, Sasuke's sed inner self was bowing down in front of a Kakashi shrine, thanking him. Sasuke stood there for a good minute waiting to see if this was all just a joke, but then Naruto started poking ses. He sed realize he was just standing there staring, until Naruto told him. Sasuke didn't need any more time to think. Naruto has never been in the Uchiha's room, but damn! It was huge and filled with Uchiha fan encrusted objects. About ten seconds after being shirtless, Sasuke returned with a small bottled filled with some clear gel-like substance.

The first is foreplay. Naruto was going to ask what foreplay was but then, out of nowhere, Sasuke's lips were on his. He was going to protest and opened his mouth to do so, but then Sasuke slipped his tongue in his mouth and- Oh. Sasuke's tongue was doing some amazing things.

Naruto sex Sasuke

Sucking, stroking and… Naruto's thought process just ended. He was in pure bliss. During the kiss, Naruto found himself on his back on Sasuke's bed, and his clothes being ripped and thrown to various parts of the room. Naruto was gripping the sheets under him as the older teen Sasuke naruto sex and tweaked his rosy nipples with his mouth. Sasuke licked his way down to the blond's harden member. Sasuke hovered above it as Naruto's breath hitched. Sasuke licked the slit, getting a pleased moan, which encouraged him to deep throat the blond while massaging the ball sac as well. Naruto wanted pump his member in and out, but Sasuke held his hips down in a firm grip, so he was at the raven's mercy.

After a minute with his member covered with the raven's throat, Sasuke eased up. He didn't want his blond to cum yet. Naruto wasn't complaining, but when a slick finger entered him, his eyes shot open. Sasuke, sensing the blond's distress, broke the kiss and whispered,"It'll be okay soon. He had to lay his claim. This fuckable blond was his and the love bite on his neck will be visible for everyone to see it. It would declare that no one could dare touch him. Naruto squirmed to get comfortable and eventually succeeded. After a few thrusts, Sasuke put in another finger, starting a scissoring movement that was meant stretching out Naruto.

Sasuke was pleased when he found Naruto's prostate and set to massaging it for later. Sasuke bent down to whisper something in Naruto's ear. Suddenly, Naruto started moaning loudly. Naruto's prostate was fully aroused. Sasuke rubbed the prostate two more times getting the same reaction.

He took his fingers out, causing the blond to whimper at the lost. Sasuke realized that Naruto tensed up and knew it would hurt the blond if he didn't relax, so he pumped the blond's aex a few times. I'll enter on three" and he received a nod. He couldn't believe Sasuke lied Sasuke naruto sex him, but then sxe he might have tensed Sasuuke if he really did wait till three and would have hurt more. Sasuke waited patiently as he let Naruto get used to his size. It was going to take a while since he was eight inches of thick man, but he'd wait as long as he needed to. He bent down to kiss the tears Naruto formed, away.

Sasuke started thrusting slowly, until Naruto started whining. After a minute of moving, Sasuke heard Naruto mutter a "more" and flipped the blond over on all fours. They moved perfectly together as Sasuke got faster, and faster while abusing Naruto's prostate in each thrust. Feeling that he was about to cum, Sasuke started pumping Naruto's neglected member in sync with his thrusts. He fell limp to ride out his orgasm and his walls clamped onto Sasuke's member which caused him to cum too after a few more thrusts, inside Naruto. Sasuke fell to the side, as to not crush his Naruto with his weight, while he rode out his orgasm.

He cradled Naruto in his arms, as the boy cuddled in the embrace. And Room 1 Sasuke leaned down to capture Naruto's sweet, yet miso flavored, lips in a heated kiss. Naruto closed his eyes and kissed back, letting him explore his whole mouth.

Tho he didn't give to, Sasuke absconded out and saw Naruto upheaval over to his hips, which were in some odd phenomenon. Sasuke locked above it as Naruto's wingman hitched.

naurto Moaning while Sasuke's tongue ran over his teeth, and twirled with his tongue. Naruto pulled away only for a moment to get some air. Then they both dove back in for another kiss, Sasuke deepened it while lifting Naruto's shirt up and rubbing his thumb across a perk nipple. Sas-" Esx moaned, Sasuke pushed Naruto on the bed rubbing their groins together as he did "Sasu. Naruto's eyes sx at that thought, just exactly how many times were they going to naruti it?! Nauto tensed at the mention of other rooms. Sasyke see there's the bedroom, the bathroom, living swx, kitchen, 2 guest rooms one being the Sassuke room, and the hallway.

Then it shot him OO Before he knew it Sasuke had already removed his own shirt and was tugging at Naruto's, jerking back at the tugging, Naruto removed his shirt and Sasuke started to ravish his mouth again while playing with the loops on his pants, Naruto smiled into the kiss. Both stop for a short pause to remove the rest of their clothing. Laying back down, Naruto let his hands roam on Sasuke's body, his hands slide up his arms over his shoulders and down his back and around to Sasuke's chest and rubbed a hand across his nipple, Sasuke moaned at the touch. Moaning, Naruto moved his hands toward Sasuke's lower back and down to grab his ass and started grinding. Sasuke jumped at the sudden contact, "A little eager are we?

Naruto moaned at Sasuke's sexy bedroom voice that was only meant for him to hear Sasuke grabbed Naruto's hands and moved them above his head and started giving him lite kisses all over him, his cheeks to his lips down to his neck and skimming over his chest while paying attention to his perk nipples. Moving his tongue around and then he grabbed the nub between his teeth and pulled a little causing Naruto to whimper at the touch. Pulling at his arms Naruto didn't want to be strained he wanted to touch and he wanted it now!

Natuto I'll just have to make you, won't I? In one quick move Sasuke hand-cuffed Naruto. Naruto was laid back down, he felt uneasiness that seex his back side relising that Sasuke had somewhere out of nowhere had lubed up his fingers and had inserted one into his entrance. Sasuke knew that only one finger didn't hurt so he inserted another, as he watched Naruto scrunch up his face a little he started a scissoring motion. Naruto could feel himself being stretched then suddenly the fingers were taken away, Sasuke earning a whimper from him. Positing his dick at Naruto's entrance, Naruto turned his head.

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