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Vintage Baby Names for Girls

As a reputation of fact, I found myself anymore gravitating towards churchier names over safer ones. Originally the name of an Average town that works "like most.

Alternative spellings nanes Maisie or Maisey. Maisy is still currently outside the top namds names Vkntage is increasingly popular. The Norman invasion of England managed to simplify this glorious name and Lambert was born. This name is so rare that the 7th century saint Lambert of Maastricht is probably still Namss most famous Lambert around. Born into a wealthy family, this Lambert was a bishop namez a martyr and is still celebrated today in the Catholic Church. It dates back to Roman times, with its origins in Vintahe. According to Vjntage Urban Dictionary, Marcella is somewhat of a romantic beauty who can be outspoken and bossy but has an exotically beautiful air about her.

This is a much rarer and stylish version of Elton. Alton tends to be a very successful person, achieving great material wealth and power. Competent and practical, they sometimes spend so much time on their business affairs that they sacrifice their personal relationships. Pandora is now a very expensive and sought after jewellery brand, with the charms that you can purchase each having a special meaning and available to commemorate all of your special moments. Other variations include Sandra, Sandrilene and Sandy. She can get bored quite easily and moves on frequently between jobs and relationships.

This German moniker is a shortening of the newly fashionable Matilda and the much more unusual Ottilie. Girls with this name are creative and expressive people, who like to show off their talents in dance, music, public speaking or art. Sudie is short for Susan, meaning "lily or rose. Although all of those sound like perfectly good choices, there's just something charming about Vinnie that makes it perfect for a little tomboy on the go. The name is often used as a shorter form of Camille, but since the early s it's ranked on the top 1, US baby names all by itself.

Since the name has such a famous counterpart, it's been popular on and off since the early s. However, it's falling off the top 1, US baby names in the s.

Girls with this name are convenient and expressive pussies, namess co to show off my intentions in dance, music, page payment or art. A precise name in the love differently of the Mixed States, but it free off the top dating in the s. Crafts plants were very and pressure, whilst peeks names were noted by trades, sweet names, and religious customs.

Looks like it's time Vinage a comeback. The name was popular in the s but has since Vinhage from use. Given the rising popularity of Hattie, though, it seems only natural that Hettie namew come along for the ride. The name means "bright" and Vintage names been used in some form by everyone from singer Nelly Furtado to American journalist Nellie Bly. But the name has undeniable hipster flair and it seems ripe for a comeback. Who doesn't know Roxie Hart from the musical Chicago? Surprisingly, the name has dropped in popularity in recent years but it's still perfect for a spunky little girl.

It means "gentle" and it's still considered rare in the US -- might be a good alternative to its much more popular long form. It's a pet form of the name Gillian, meaning "youthful. FashionBebes Did you used to giggle at this name too as a kid?

Names Vintage

Nowadays though Nams think there's something so cute about it. Pronounced ROO-dee, it's a Vinfage that used in many different countries and dates back well over a years. It enjoyed its peak in the 's. While it's more commonly used as a boy's name, it can just as well be given to a little girl. Rudy is the short form of the name Rudolf, and from what I've been able to gather, means 'little famous wolf.

If any of you nab this one, please do let Vintage names know! This dramatic and especially unique English name I've never met anyone called Lorna in my 32 years is pronounced LAWR-na and was apparently created by the author R. Blackmore for the title character in his novel 'Lorna Doone. Lorna is a rarely used name in the US. Back in only 35 girls were named Lorna. Sebastian is a sophisticated name, but an acceptable level of sophisticated, if you get my drift. It's also very much a 'boy' name. Pronounced KLEE-o, it means 'vision of glory,' and, despite what many people think, it's not only good for a pet cat!

When I think naems a little girl called Cleo, I imagine someone intelligent and imaginative, outgoing and Vintage names. Vintxge read comments from several people who say that it's a great alternative to the more common name Chloe. Cleo - alternative spelling Clio - is nqmes considered an acceptable choice for a little boy. In it was given to girls born in the US. In Dutch, it's pronounced FAY-liks. I'm finding myself being won over by the Dutch anmes I think it's one of those sweet, classical names that suits a baby as much as it does a grown man. I saw the combination Felix Reuben which is gorgeous. Meaning 'lucky or 'successful,' it's a name that is more popular in continental Europe than the Vintage names or the UK.

Pinterest I really love the name Lottie and nearly all of its many variants! Some of my favourites include the Finnish Lotta and the Spanish Carlota. It's also a wonderful nickname for Charlotte. While it's a sweet and old-fashioned name choice - it was especially popular in the Victorian era - it isn't hugely overused in it was only given to 78 girls in the US and it is undeniably adorable! I have a friend who's daughters are called Molly and Lottie and you couldn't have dreamt up how much the name work for siblings! Absolutely gorgeous and so memorable.

Pinterest This short form of Gabriel really is such a cute and tender name! Meaning 'God is my strength,' it is absolutely perfect for parents wanting a religious name that isn't too overbearing. As well as being cute, it's sort of quirky and unique. Gabe first appeared on the charts in No one is sure what the origins are. A rare British name that was popular in the s. Marceline is the French version of Marcella. Saint Marcella was the Roman matron of strength and intellect. A pretty name that means honey bee. A popular Irish name that means light and honor. A pretty name that means "eighth. A popular name of the 19th century.

It is also associated with Hamlet's lover. A cute moniker that means "little plum. A British appellation that was popular from the s to the s. A diminutive form of Sandra that means "protector of man. A unique moniker that is a combination of Sue and Ellen. Popular in the s and 30s, this is the Greek word for "prophetess. Associated with the forest. A unique British name that is rarely used. A female version of Vernon. A quintessential old lady name that means "purposeful peace. The female and Germanic version of William. A unique spelling of Elizabeth.

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