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Authors can choose to activate or deactivate the Public Comment Board on their work. It also lists the stories with the most comments, and Virtuwl top members making comments. Comments are expected to be free of spam and to relate to the story. Top How can I hear your audio stories? These are pieces that we really like - just our opinion. Anything you type here will be posted beneath the submission for everyone to see.

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Car wash game sexy Virtual

For example, if a character in a story has green eyes, an author may choose to use "green eyes" as a story tag. What are Literotica Story Tags? To hear our stories, you will need to have Real Player installed. If you want to leave private feedback for the author, you can either use the Anonymous Feedback link at the end of the submission or the link at the top of the author's profile. If you have an idea for a new Literotica category, feel free to let us know!

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