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Dare to bare: 15 of the world's best nude beaches

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There's also great food and music everywhere, apart from the blue waters of id. Samurai Beach, Australia Around two and a half hours north of Sydney lies the celebrated Samurai Beach, which is completely clothing optional. It's next to the Tomaree National Park, and is well known for its relaxed vibe and beach games. Valalta Naturist Camp, Croatia A dedicated naturist site with lodging options as well, Valalta includes 4 km of white, beautiful beaches, as well as options for all other luxuries, including food, sailing and alcohol.

Micro Amoudi Beach, Greece Crystal clear waters, a view of a magical sunset and a clothing optional place to boot, Micro Amoudi is a great beach for people who want to let it all hang out. It's pretty secluded, and is located in Plakias in Crete. Panoramio A lot of these beaches actually consider it bad manners to wear clothes on the premises. Illegal nude beaches are where people may attempt to maintain a low profile which may result in requests to cover up, uncomfortable glares, a fine or arrest. Textile beaches are specifically not nude or clothing optional. The term is used to distinguish an area near a clothing-optional beach. Most beaches around the world, including nude beaches, are on public lands.

That means that although private resorts and hotels that adjoin a beach may enclose their property behind fences with controlled access, most countries do not allow private ownership of the actual beach area. Thus, while a resort can control access and set clothing standards on its property, these standards would not necessarily apply to the beach itself, which remains subject to local laws or customs, and public access to the beach itself usually remains unrestricted. This applies, for example, to the islands in the Caribbean, Mexico, and Florida.

Though actual clothing standards vary from resort to resort, the beach area is officially designated as " topfree ", and public access is unrestricted. Wreck Beach Photo by: MsNina, flickr MsNina, flickr Named for a hulking, wrecked vessel that once sat on the sand, Wreck Beach was Canada's first government-sanctioned, clothing-optional beach. The 3-mile-long beach is also a wildlife and nesting area for bald eagles. Still, some sections of the beach assume carnival-like atmosphere thanks to its proximity to the University of British Columbia and its popularity with students.

One stretch of sand known as Vendors' Row is a 1-stop shop for souvenirs, refreshments and ever-important sunscreen. Ocho Rios Photo by: A unique feature at the romantic, all-inclusive getaway is Tower Isle, a private, au naturel island approximately yards offshore where playful pairs can enjoy a day of nudity. Located on the island are a pool, cozy nooks for lounging, a cabana bar and, of course, a pristine beach.

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Although the rest of the Couples complex has a dress code, Tower Isle makes it the ideal resort for letting loose ls. Montalivet Beach Photo by: Established inthis nude beach resort on France's Atlantic njde provides a safe and legal wilderness setting for nudists and their families. Within the complex are more than 1, campsites, bungalows, shops and facilities for activities like art classes, yoga and soccer. No other nude beach or camp on Earth rivals Montalivet's family-friendly environment. Barts While the Caribbean may be full of wonderful, chilled out beaches, this wild, white sand strand on the rear side of St. Barts is one of the few places on the islands where public nudity is tolerated although sunbathing naked is technically prohibited in St.

Anse de Grande Saline or Saline Beach is another self-catering beach. Visitors will need to bring along everything they need for a day at the shore, especially sunscreen, as there is no shade to speak of.

Beach Where is nude

L'Esprit, an excellent French restaurant, is within walking distance of Grand Saline and well worth a visit. Just make sure to put your clothes back on before heading nudw. Platja des Cavallet, Ibiza, Whers Set between the deep blue Mediterranean and multi-colored salt pans os Ibiza's southernmost point, official nudist beach Es Cavallet is separated into various different sections, including a beach club party section, a gay scene and a more secluded, middle section where the clothing-free crowd hang out. However nude sunbathers aren't the only beings who frequent this area. Those bright pink things you'll see pacing in the background aren't sunburned tourists, but rather flamingos that like to gather in the shallow salines.

Platja des Cavallet,Balearic Islands, Spain 8. Shutterstock Flanked by ancient lava flows and backed by a volcanic cinder cone, Little Beach would be super-cool even if you couldn't take your clothes off.

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